The Wycliffe Medical Practice
The Wycliffe Medical Practice, Lutterworth Medical Centre, Gilmorton Road, Lutterworth, LE17 4EB
Tel: 01455 553 531 or The Prescription line 01455 200793
Fax: 01455 550 083
Out of Hours: 111
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Our Vision and Values

For our patients we aim:

  • To provide high quality, effective and safe healthcare services
  • To be approachable, welcoming and to treat them with compassion and kindness
  • To ensure those patients with an urgent medical need will be seen the same day Patients with a less urgent problem will be offered a routine appointment or triaged by a Doctor on the same day as required
  • To provide continuity with the same clinician (although we acknowledge this may not be possible in an urgent situation)
  • To provide as many services ‘in-house’ as possible, providing a service closer to home
  • To promote the services provided by the wider multi-disciplinary team - (midwife, health visitor, school nursing service)
  • To provide preventative and proactive healthcare services
  • To provide high quality ongoing healthcare and regular review of those patients with (and carers of patients with) long term conditions (both physical and mental health)
  • To provide high quality end of life care in conjunction with the multi-disciplinary team
  • To seek verbal and/or written consent for any examination or procedure
  • To protect our patients records and maintain confidentiality at all times
  • To treat our patients fairly and equally, with dignity and respect; respecting their personal, cultural, social and religious needs
  • To safeguard our most vulnerable patient groups from harm, and respond to any risks or safety concerns identified, putting in place measures to prevent such occurrences in the future


For our practice and locality, we aim:

  • To provide a safe and welcoming environment for both patients and staff
  • To deliver healthcare in modern and fully equipped premises, that are accessible by all
  • To adhere to infection control and clinical waste policies
  • To listen, communicate, consult and collaborate with our patients.  To work with others (patient representative group and other local organisations) to improve the health of our patients and the local population
  • To be alert to our most vulnerable patient groups needs and adapt our processes accordingly
  • To be mindful of cost efficiency and effectiveness, and to minimise waste
  • To continually work towards improving services and care provided, and to promote a culture of openness and learning from mistakes


For our practice team, we aim:

  • To maintain a supportive, fulfilling and rewarding working environment for all.  Respecting their personal, cultural, social or religious needs
  • To ensure all staff are of good character, suitably qualified and competent in the role they undertake.  To promote a culture of continuous professional development with effective induction, appraisal and training
  • To communicate regularly with the practice team via staff meetings, noticeboards and the staff newsletter
  • To listen to all team members and value any comments, suggestions and contributions.  To act appropriately when there are concerns raised or whistleblowing takes place
  • To project a positive and professional image of ourselves both within and outside the practice


From our patients, we expect:

  • All members of the practice team to be treated fairly, with respect, and without discrimination
  • The premises and facilities to be treated with respect
  • Services and resources to be used appropriately so as to safeguard them for the future
  • Booked appointments to be attended (or for us to be notified of an expected non-attendance) so that this appointment may be offered to another patient

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