Covid Boosters

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Since the Covid vaccination programme began in December 2020, General Practice has been under increasing pressure to not only provide staff for vaccination clinics but also continue to provide core in-house services at the same time.

As a surgery we have managed, with the help of a number of outstanding volunteers, to provide over 15,000 1st and 2nd dose vaccines to our patients whist still managing to provide a large percentage of our core services. This outstanding effort has obviously put an enormous amount of stress on the system to the point where as well as there being less appointments on the system or the phones taking 5 minutes longer to answer it has also created a huge backlog of administrational work.

As a surgery, we are very keen to get back to running a normal service as soon as possible so to enable us to catch up with our current backlog, provide more appointments and ensure we have staff available capacity for our flu campaign, which starts on Saturday, we have decided not to sign up to the Covid booster programme.

This decision means that once Wycliffe patients who are contacted by NHS England to say they are eligible for a booster will have to book in at one of the national vaccine booking centres, using the link provided or by calling 119.

Please do not contact the surgery to book a booster or book an appointment for you. If you have any further questions about the Covid booster programme please call 119.