Communicating with our Patients

We communicate with our patients by telephone, text, email and by letter. We also communicate using secure online services such as Engage Consult.

If we need to contact you by telephone we will ask for you by name on the contact number you have provided.  If another person answers the telephone we will not disclose that we are calling from the practice unless you have specifically authorised us to do so.

From time to time our patients or their families may find this annoying.  We apologise if this causes inconvenience for you at home.  However, it is necessary as some people may not wish others in their household to know that they are currently receiving treatment from a doctor or nurse. At times, we too find the situation frustrating but must adhere to these procedures because of our duty of confidentiality.

If you would like to nominate someone to be able to discuss your medical records with us, please complete the form below and bring into the practice. Releasing medical information to 3rd party form

We often send text reminders of appointments to patients who have provided us with a mobile telephone number.

For patients who have expressly advised us that they are happy to receive text messages from us, we may also send other appropriate messages, for example to tell you that a special prescription you have ordered is ready for collection.

If you receive text messages from us, but decide that you do not wish to do so in future, please do not hesitate to let us know.  Please also tell us if you change your mobile phone number.

We do not currently communicate with our patients by email.  We do have an email address, [email protected], to which you may send suggestions and comments, but this should not be used for any communication about your health.

We use DOCMAIL, a secure mailing service, for sending out some information letters when we need to contact large numbers of patients.

We are confident this system provides a secure and confidential method of sending information to our patients and adheres to NHS Confidentiality Guidelines.

However, if you do not wish to receive letters sent by this system, please advise us.