Meet the Team

Meet our Doctors

MBBS (Hons) (1994) Nottingham DRCOG

Dr Graham Johnson

Partner with special interest in Cardiovascular medicine and Diabetes.

Available all day Monday and Friday plus Wednesday morning.

MBChB (1999) Leeds DFFP

Dr Sumona Maity

Partner with special interest in Psychiatry and Acupuncture.

Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all day.

MBChB (2005) Leicester MRCGP DFSRH

Dr Christine Kendall

Partner with special interest in Women’s Health, Joint Injections and Palliative Care.

Available Wednesday and Friday all day plus Thursday AM.

MBChB (2002) Liverpool MRCGP (2009) and PGCMe (2013)

Dr Binta Shapiro

Partner with special interest in Minor Surgery.

Available Monday and Wednesday all day plus Tuesday AM.

MBChB (2004) Leicester MRCGP

Dr Nick Rhodes

Partner with special interest in Joint Injections.

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all day.

MBChB (2006) Leeds MRCGP

Dr Sarbari Dey

Available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday all day plus Wednesday AM.

MBChB (2009) Aberdeen MRCGP MRCP

 Dr Callum Colquhoun

Available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all day.

BMBS 2010 Brighton & Sussex BSc MRCGP

Dr Farrah Mushtaq

Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday PM (only from October)

Dr Jonathan Bodley-Scott

Available Monday and Friday all day.

 Dr Booth

Available Monday, Tuesday and Friday all day.

Meet Our Nursing Team

Lynne Miller

Practice Nurse

Sharon Dixon

Practice Nurse

Clare Read

Practice Nurse

Judy McSharry

Practice Nurse

Sarah Byrne

NVQ Level 3 Healthcare Assistant

Elizabeth Cadena

NVQ Level 4 Health Care Assistant

Krystal Hurley

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday all day.

Deb Smith 

Healthcare Assistant

Meet Our Practice Staff

Nick Cameron

Practice Manager

Nick took over as Practice Manager in May 2020 and is responsible for all none-clinical aspects of the Practice. He is available Monday to Friday and is happy to address any concerns via email or face to face via appointment.